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April 28th, 2011

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09:34 am - Showers.
Dear asshole,

Your concern that some gay dude might be checking you out in the shower is noted. However, given that he's probably terrified that if someone thinks he might be checking out their junk, he will be assaulted or killed, your concern is largely unfounded.

As for your comparison to women being allowed to shower separately from men because "they're afraid some guy will check out their junk", I believe your reasoning is misplaced. It is far more likely that this discomfort comes from the fact that should a woman be assaulted in the shower by a man, she will subsequently be blamed for it, with that bullshit reasoning about how she shouldn't have been naked in front of men, doesn't she know they can't control themselves?

Also no, this reasoning does not extend to your hypothetical situation. What society do YOU live in where a gay man who assaults someone is excused with the reasoning "he couldn't help it, you should have known better than to shower with him"? Certainly not this one. However, if you were to assault him over that possibility, you bet your ass you'd be excused with "can you really blame him? That queer was looking at him funny."

So stop being an asshat and live with your awkward discomfort. Be thankful that it's not fear for your safety.

No love,
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